Lesson 3.5.


This report helps you Segment your posts and compare different segments to find out which type of content is the most engaging for your followers.

Use Content Segmentation report to:

  1. Analyze whether your Social Media Campaigns were more successful than your Usual Content, and by how much.
  2. Discover if Retweets are less engaging than your Own Content.
  3. Find out if posts of a particular topic are more effective than others.
  4. Analyze what type of content is the most effective: pictures, links, videos or plain text.

Content Segmentation - 4 best usage tips from Tania Nikitenko

Case studies:

Oreo tweets analytics

How Oreo rocks in Twitter: using content segmentation for tweets analysis

Describing the content analysis with the help of Custom segmentation - analyzing content-campaigns, different content types (links, images, videos, plaintext), owned vs rented content performance, and comparing different content types effectiveness on several social networks.

Additional info: