Lesson 2.1.

Analysis Techniques

Here's a list of three great analysis techniques that will help you benefit the most from your TrueSocialMetrics analytics:

1. Adding Context to the data

helps you to understand if your performance is good or bad:

1.1. Internal context

compares results to your own historical data - Trends report.

1.2. External context

compares results to your Competitors’ and Industry Standards - Industry Standards report and Competitive analysis report.

2. Scaling

1.1. Analyzing metrics at Page level

to understand the average patterns of performance for your account and how they change over time and are influenced by season, content strategy changes, campaigns, competitor's actions etc - Metric report and Trends report.

1.2. Analyzing metrics at Post level

to find the posts that were the reason for the change in the general performance patterns - did all of your posts become more effective or has just one super-star post caused an increase in the average values - All Posts report.

3. Segmenting data

Aggregated data helps to see general patterns, while Segmented data helps to find the reasons of changes in these patterns - Custom segments. Common segments you might use: - Campaign posts vs Usual posts - understand how campaign posts perform compared to usual posts.

  • Worst posts vs Best posts - try to find similar patterns among posts in each group and understand the most effective content tactics.

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