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Michael Batistich


Michael Batistich
Head of insights and analytics

TrueSocialMetrics are an indispensable tool for helping WeAreSocial measure what matters. We use TSM because it provides a set of simple yet powerful metrics across almost all social channels, it is simple to use, it provides easy data exports for dashboarding and is the best value tool on the market. To top it all off the team at TSM provide a high level of service, making frequent updates to the platform meet our changing needs.

Jonathan Ray

Jonathan С. Ray
Director of Analytics

Before True Social Metrics it was nearly impossible for our small analytics team to aggregate social performance data on the 100+ social accounts we manage. True Social Metrics’ Tableau integration feature has enabled us to pass all of this data into a pre-built corporate dashboard in Tableau to report to internal business leaders with minimal effort. True Social Metrics provides greater efficiency, allowing us to spend more time analyzing the data and less time collecting it. It’s an invaluable tool for measuring the effectiveness of our social communication.

Lindsey Weintraub

Red Door             
Lindsey Weintraub
Content Marketing Specialist

TrueSocialMetrics gives you the no-nonsense breakdown of how your social media is performing. This tool doesn’t just spit out vanity metrics, it provides trends, rates, and numbers in relation to community size to give context to the data. We also use it to get a quick read on how a brand is performing in relation to competitors, which can be a helpful reference point as well.

Marcus Wickes

Marcus Wickes
Digital Mediaholic

We are very data driven in all our marketing decisions. While likes and comments are good to know and easy enough to track with other tools, they don't tell the full picture with any social channel. True Social Metrics saves us time and money. Rather than checking multiple sources and maintaining crappy spreadsheets, we run 1 weekly export from True Social Metrics to grab the metrics that matter most to our business model. We take that data and mash it up with our own internal data and proprietary scoring formulas to get a strong analysis of how our channels are performing week over week. This allows us to pivot quickly when we see changing algorithms or customer trends. ""

Daniel Zafra


Daniel Zafra
Chief Strategy & Customer Experience Officer

TSM is one of the best tools we had used analyzing the content performance in social networks. The analytic model they use for measure the engagement based in three levels of interaction with content, is optimal to truly understand the health of your brand, how your community perceive it and furthermore let you manage your customer relationship integrating this data with the rest of your channels and touchpoints, therefore the really value of your content strategy in owned media. But their real power is in the Competitor analysis features, which allows companies analyze the landscape where they compete and make more informed and smart decisions for their Social Media Strategy.

Suse Barnes

Pivot Point             
Suse Barnes
Social Media Analyst

True Social Metrics has been instrumental for tracking the progress and success of our social media presence across multiple channels. It is the most efficient way to see which posts have the most engagement and activity over time. True Social Metrics is a valuable tool in our social media measurement toolbox and we are very pleased with their level of service and value the software subscription provides.

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