Tabelau data connecter based on top of separate mysql instance we run for each customer. ### Base Access

Each customer recieve a list of login credentials

host - {company-name}.tableau.truesocialmetrics.com
3306 - default mysql port
database - database name, default tt
username - unique username, usually match with {company-name}
password - unique password


Access to mysql exporting server is allowed only from a provided list of IP addresses.
You can check your current IP address on this page: AWS check ip address.
You will have "read only" access to the database, so you can't do any updates/deletes or add/remove/modify users permisshions.


You will have access to 2 tables:

  • {company-name} - contains raw data
  • {company-name}_trend - aggregated by day metrics

{company-name} - it's a customer company name