Lesson 1.4.

Inviting Additional Users

Inviting team members to your account allows you to collaborate with your colleagues. Follow the steps below to invite an additional user to your account:

Step 1

Invite a team member by email at Settings -> Team page. In the form, you will need to specify an email address for you collaborator, assign them a password, their team role, and then select accounts they will have access to.

Team management screenshot

Step 2

The invited person will receive an email invitation that contains the login credentials for them to access your account.

You can assign one of 3 roles to invited team members, each of which has different privileges:




User Manager Admin
View everything X X X
Create accounts/segments/reports/alerts/campaigns X X
Connect social media pages X X
Invite/delete team members X
Disconnect social media pages X
Delete accounts/segments/reports/alerts/campaigns X