Lesson 2.4.

How to Do a Competitive Analysis

  1. Build Competitors Lists.
  2. Compare the Performance.
  3. Compare the Content Quality.
  4. Compare the Followers Quality.
  5. Benchmark ideas.

How to do a Competitive Analysis from Tania Nikitenko

Case studies:

Luxury brands on Facebook: Analyzing best and worst content

Luxury brands on Facebook: Analyzing best and worst content, or why Prada fans hate suits

Demonstrating the Competitive analysis performed with the help of Engagement matrix, Posting density matrix and Best/worst posts report. Analyzing and comparing the Quality of the Followers, Posting Density and top Best / Worst ideas for posts.

Hotels on Facebook: Competitive analysis and content health check-up

DoubleTree Hotels on Facebook: Benchmarking from fellow-brands

Featuring the Competitive Analysis performed with the help of the Competitors Sets, which helped to analyze the brand in 3 different contexts and create 3 different standards to compare with and 3 sources for benchmarking effective content tactics: competitors, sister-brands, and fellow-brands from the same hotel chain.