Lesson 2.5.

How to Analyze Social Media Campaigns

Need to analyze your Social Media Campaigns? Content Segmentation report to your resque!

Here's how:

  1. Create a Campaign Content Segment.
  2. Compare the performance of Campaign Segment to your usual content, other campaigns.
  3. Find out in which social network Campaign was the most effective.
  4. Look at the best and worst campaign posts.

Case studies:

Oreo tweets analytics

How Oreo rocks in Twitter: using content segmentation for tweets analysis

Describing the content analysis with the help of Custom segmentation - analyzing content-campaigns, different content types (links, images, videos, plaintext), owned vs rented content performance, and comparing different content types effectiveness on several social networks.

The most viral type of pins: Barney’s on Pinterest

The most viral type of pins: Barney’s on Pinterest

Analyzing the effectiveness of different types of pins with Content Segmentation feature for apparel retailer on Pinterest.