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Lesson 3.4.

Time to Post

Discover the best time to post on your social media accounts; when your followers are the most active. This will increase the engagement with your account and the exposure of your posts.

How do I select a timezone for my account?

At your Settings -> Account page.

Compare the Best Time to Post suggestions with your Current Posting time to find out if you are missing the sweet spot.

best time to post
best time to post

Engagement - the sum of all social interactions for the selected time range.

Engagement = (# of Shares + # of Likes + # of Comments)


Posts Comments Shares Likes   Twitter \# of tweets replies, @username (counted as replies) retweets, RT/CC/via likes   Facebook \# of posts comments shares likes   Google plus \# of posts comments shares +1   Blog \# of posts comments\* shares\* likes\*   YouTube \# of videos comments\* shares\* likes   Linkedin \# of updates comments shares\* likes\*   Tumblr \# of blogs notes\* reblogs\* hearts\*   Instagram \# of posts comments\* embed\* hearts\*   Slideshare \# of presentations comments shares\* likes\*   Vimeo \# of videos comments\* shares\* likes\*   Pinterest \# of pins comments shares likes  \* additionally collects data from other places besides the channel (e.g., Disqus, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg)