Lesson 3.4.

Influencers Report

How to find your Brand Advocates and Social Influencers? Easy, with our Influencers report.

Use the Influencers report to:

  1. Identify your most powerful Social Influencers and the most Engaged users who can become your Brand Advocates.
  2. Discover the Best topics, Types of content to engage your most active and influential followers.
  3. Study the Demographics of your readers to know how to better engage them, the best time to post, which holidays they celebrate etc.

The Influencers Report will help you analyze your active social media audience - users who have actually engaged with your posts. Not the plain number of followers, but Engaged Users. You can analyze their gender, location, study the top ten engagers lists and dive deep into analyzing what made them react.

Audience analytics

You can see four lists of users in the Influencers Report:

  • Engaged - most active users who have interacted with your content several times - liked, shared, commented;
  • Sharers - most influential users who shared your posts;
  • Repliers - most influential users who commented on your posts;
  • Likers - most influential users who liked your posts.

Users in the Engaged list are sorted from the most active to the least active. And the numbers near their names show how many times they have interacted with your posts (liked, commented or shared them). These guys could become your loyal Brand Advocates.

The guys listed in the Sharers, Likers, Commenters lists are sorted by the size of their fan base. So these numbers next to their nicknames indicate how many followers they have.

All these users are your Influencers, so you’d better learn what they like by clicking on their names and studying which topics have attracted their attention.

Engaged users analytics

Let’s take the most influential Sharer, for example. She has shared Innocent Drinks’ tweet to her 11597 followers, let’s hope they will all see it. And let’s study what interested her so much. Simply click on her username in the list. And by looking at the posts she has interacted with, you can get an idea of what makes her tick. Then you can post more tweets on such topics to win her eternal love and attention:

Engaged users analytics