How to use Settings

Here are the instructions provided in the captions:

  • The Settings -> Accounts page allows you to manage and create accounts. By default, you will have access to 1 account on TrueSocialMetrics. The maximum amount of brands you can monitor on the 'Small' plan is 3. Other plans allow for a bigger number of accounts that you can monitor or delete.
  • To create a new account, click the button at the top, enter a name, an account category (optional), and select the account's country of marketplace and industry. Then, click 'Save' and connect all the necessary social media pages for this account.
  • To connect social media pages, click on a social media name, enter the username or link to the account, and click 'Analyze'.
  • To see metrics/connections for other accounts, click 'Change Account'.
  • You can edit existing accounts by going to Settings -> Accounts and clicking 'Edit' on the account that you want to edit. Edit the fields and click 'Save' to apply changes. Click 'Manage Sources' to connect or reconnect social media pages to the account.
  • Competitors Lists allow you to manage lists of competitors, which allow you to see reports that compare accounts in a certain group. To edit a list, click 'Change', change the name of the list and the accounts that belong to this list, and click 'Save' to save the changes. To add an account to the list, click on the 'Brands (Accounts)' field and select an account from the drop-down. Remove accounts by pressing 'x'. You can go to the 'Competitors' tab to compare accounts from a competitors list.
  • You can create a new competitors list by going to Settings -> Competitors Lists and pressing 'Create' at the bottom of the page. After entering the name of the list and selecting competitors, click 'Save' to save the list.
  • Segments allow you to segment data based on various factors such as geographical location, type of business, type of product/service, etc. You can create and edit custom segments by going to 'Segments'.