Loyalty program

As a part of our Loyalty Program you recieve additional accounts and +1 year of history for Free each year you are with us.

The longer you are with True, the longer history you have and more brands you’ll be able to track.

Time with us Accounts Bonus History Bonus
6 months +1 free account -
1 year +2 free accounts +1 year of history
2 years +3 free accounts +1 year of history
3+ years +5 free accounts +1 year of history

You can check your loyalty bonuses at Settings -> Billing page

When you lose bonuses: If your account remains in "Free" plan for more than three months. This may happen if you cancel your subscription (or it gets automatically cancelled due to problems with billing) and the payment is not happening within the next three months. In that case your bonuses are swiped off.

How to check your loyalty bonus for TrueSocialMetrics