Why You Need Social Media Analytics Tools for Your Business

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How much do you actually know about the effects of your social media marketing efforts? Do you understand trending? Do you know how your content affects your target audience? Moreover, can you really tell what your target audience needs? And how about your competitors – are you aware how your content is perceived compared to the content provided by other companies? This is where social media analytics tools come in to give you detailed insights into all of these questions.

social media analytics tools

What can social media analytics tools do for your business?

Social media has undoubtedly changed the way we use marketing to promote our businesses and various offers. We now have the opportunity to disseminate targeted messages through a plethora of tools and channels, in a practically cost-free manner.

But social media marketing takes its toll on you in terms of time. We have to put time and effort in creating an appropriate social media strategy. Then, we need to create content to share, and finally, we should define timelines for sharing that content.

social media analytics tools, why you need social media analytics

If we can afford to spend time for social media marketing, we can take a break and wait for the results to come, right? Wrong!

Social media marketing is a two-way communication,
and that’s the most important thing to remember.

Regardless of what we do or say related to our products or services, our audience has its own thoughts about it. And, social media seems to be the most practical way for the audience to express its opinion. If we don’t keep a finger on the pulse of our audience, we will never be able to reap all the benefits of social media. Moreover, our efforts may easily backfire.

Social media analytics tools help us get acquainted with the true feedback on our actions and the content we display online. This gives us the opportunity to outshine the competition and keep our customers coming back.

Tracking the needs of our target audience

In order to reach the full potential of our business, we need to understand the attitudes and preferences of our target audience. If we can find out what our audience wants, we will know what to provide and how to provide it. Social media gives us a myriad of opportunities to do this if we use the appropriate tools.

There’s a lot of random chatter on social media, and that’s a fact. But there’s also some really valuable data we can use to our advantage. Our current and potential customers give their comments and opinions about various products, services and companies, as well as the latest news and trends.

There’s a flood of feedback we can take from our audience
without actually asking for it.

Then, we can channel this feedback into action-based strategies. Using social media analytics tools, we can easily find our competitive edge and improve our marketing efforts by tapping into the thoughts of our audience. By identifying the patterns in customer needs and behavior we can easily gauge our marketing effectiveness.

social media analytics tools, get to know your target audience

Another great opportunity that analytics tools create is audience segmentation – geographically and by demographics. This helps in predicting consumer behavior and improving customer satisfaction. It also helps you focus your efforts on the right social media platforms – the ones your target audience is using.

The results gathered through social media analytics tools can be a great pointer on how to interact with your audience and become more approachable. This way you will be able to more easily resolve social media crisis situations – which are the worst nightmare for businesses when it comes to online presence.

Insights about competition

Millions of social media users are spreading information about themselves and the world around them like never before. They are now able to share all the good and bad experiences in real time. What’s more important, their claims are supported by photos, videos, and geo-locations. It’s a little scary, isn’t it?

But the good side of this is they share their thoughts about competitor products and services, too. Having these insights, you can learn a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of competitor companies. You can also learn from the mistakes of your competitors and use this information to make better decisions in the future.

social media analytics tools, learn about your competition

We are talking about some crucial decisions here, such as customer service, production, human resource, supply chains, partnerships, social responsibility, and marketing policies. I guess there’s no need to stress out that this is exactly the information you need to craft more effective business plans. Using social media analytics tools, you can derive enormous amounts of data that can be converted into comprehensible and configurable charts and tables.

How to choose the right social media analytics tools?

Let’s make this simple – gathering tons of raw data from social networks won’t do you much good. What you need is a tool that can help you understand the information available to you. In other words, you need something that can show you the economic impact your social media marketing efforts have on your business.

TrueSocialMetrics can give you all the answers you need to reap the marketing benefits of social media. We analyze all major social networks:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • SlideShare
  • Pinterest
  • Vine
  • Vimeo
  • Tumblr
  • Blogs

You can compare all your social media accounts to determine the ones that are proving most effective for your business. Statistics gathered through TrueSocialMetrics can help you track the latest social media trends, industry standards, as well as the interaction and engagement rates.

Our metrics will show you details about the effectiveness of your posts. You will always know what type of content performs the best in terms of sharing, liking, or triggering engagement through a conversation. You will easily discover the time when your followers are most active so you can get maximum visibility and engagement for each post.

social media analytics tools and their benefits

Through our audience analytics, you will easily find your brand advocates as well. You can get detailed insights about them in terms of location, gender and interests. Tracking your followers, you will also discover the best practices to attract and retain the most active and valuable leads and customers.

TrueSocialMetrics will give you a detailed competitive analysis, too. You can compare your social media strategy to your competition in terms of engagement, best and worst posts, posting density and results.

You will get all this valuable information in comprehensive charts and tables which you can customize as you please. You can put the data you need in one report and download it to PDF. If you need more aesthetic reports to present to your clients you can easily integrate the data into Tableau. You can also integrate our analytics into your in-house system. And the best thing is, you can invite an unlimited number of colleagues to collaborate with you in your account.

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