30-Days Worth of Advice to Improve Your Social Media Presence

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If you’re looking for ways to boost your social media stats, increase the activity of your social media community, gain more followers and get more visits to your site, the best way to do it is to keep experimenting and trying new things.

I’ve collected 30 small and simple experiments and growth hacks you can try this month to see what works for you. They’re all low-cost and easy to implement, but even the smallest tweaks can lead to great improvements. I’m happy to share these little experiments with you. So let’s dive in and find out which ones work for you.

30 days of advice to boost your social media presence

Day 1. What is your goal? Sit down and figure out what you want to accomplish with social media in the next 30 days. Choose simple measurable KPIs as your goals.

Day 2. Consider exactly what you are going to share in your social media accounts. Use the golden formula: ‘Educate me. Entertain me. Provide utility.’ to choose the right kind of content. Stop practicing self-pimping. Make the biggest chunk of your content helpful or entertaining for your customers.

Day 3. Think of 5-6 groups of content to share on social media. For example, 1. Other people’s content (15%), 2. Funny and inspirational content (10%) 3. Your product updates (10%), 4. Your blog posts (20%), 5. Product CTA (2.5 %), 6. Other social network CTA (2.5 %), 7. Questions for engagement (12,5 %), etc.

Day 4. One of the main goals for your social media presence is to drive visits to your site. So plan your blog content creation. Start filling your Editorial calendar to schedule your month’s blog posts ahead. How many times do you want to publish a month?

editorial calendar template

Day 5. Create a scheme for how often you’ll post to different social platforms to promote your blog posts. Spend 5 times more time on promoting your blog posts in social media than creating these blog posts.

Day 6. Dedicate 1 hour a day to answering all the tweets, comments and questions in your blog and other social accounts, instead of spreading it over the whole day in small chunks. You’ll have more free time if you do this.

Day 7. Share tweets with images. Tweets with images always do better. Try using gifs in your tweets as well. Remember to use hashtags.

Day 8. Schedule a day each week to design graphics for your website and social media. You can use great free tools like Canva or Pablo by Buffer to easily create killer graphics for your posts.

free tool for image creation

Day 9. Sign up for Google Analytics, if you haven’t already. And connect it to TrueSocialMetrics. You’ll be able to see an Economic Value your efforts bring from each social network.

Day 10. Find your top posts and schedule those out on social media. Share each top blog post more than once on each social network. You can find your top posts in Google Analytics by clicking on (Behavior) and then (Site Content) and then on (All Pages). If you already use TrueSocialMetrics, it will be really easy to find your top posts inside the app with Best Posts report.

Day 11. Reach out to influencers who might be interested in your blog post; maybe they will help you promote it to their followers. Watch this Whiteboard Friday video to learn how to reach out to influencers.

Day 12. Find out what public lists you’ve been added to on Twitter. It gives you an idea of how you’re perceived on Twitter. And what kind of audience you are currently reaching there. Is your current image and audience the same as your ideal image and audience? What topics might interest this audience?

Day 13. You don’t always have to spend tons of time creating totally new content. Learn to curate content and share it in a blog post.

Day 14. Create a follow list in Twitter. It will save you time searching for other people’s content to share in your timeline and help you build sources for curated content.

Day 15. Subscribe to public lists in Twitter. It will give you an all-ready feed of theme-specific content to get ideas for blog posts or share in your timeline. Plus it gets you more exposure among list owner and participants.

Day 16. Create appealing image and share a quote by the top expert in your field. Useful, inspirational or funny quotes are very likely to be re-shared, especially when they are relevant to your audience.

golden formula for social media success

Day 17. Search hashtags that have to do with topics your audience is interested in. Use them as ideas for new blog posts and include them in your tweets.

Day 18. Try to put hashtags in your bio. It will help people find you easier when they are searching for a relevant topic and help increase your exposure to potential clients.

Day 19. Social media is all about relationships. Always spend time on social media and make your presence known - every time you open a social network aim to leave comments on people’s pages, follow people, like and share their content. Interact. Build relationships. This will help you get new followers and increase your social media tribe.

Day 20. Do a search on your competitors. Also on others in your niche. Try Competitors reports on Social Media: Look at the best and worst rivals’ content. What are they doing well? What can they improve? How can you learn from them?

Day 21. Go to your competitor’s website and read what people are writing in their comments. What are their pain points? What could you do to solve their problem? This is a great way to find blog ideas and ways to improve your product.

Day 22. Remember to plan your social media posting for the month (or a week). Try TrueSocialMetrics 30-days free trial for tweets scheduling.

Day 23. Try to back up your social media efforts with remarketing. When someone new visits your site the first time try to bring them back with remarketing. Watch this video to learn more.

Day 24. When writing your blog headlines this month, try to think of 10 possible headlines. Choose the best one for your blog posts and use the other 9 as messages to promote your blog post in social media.

Day 25. Add social profile links to your email signature. Now every time you send an email there’s the possibility of gaining a new follower. You can use tools like Wisestamp to boost your email signature.

Day 26. Pin a Twitter card to the top of your profile to promote your most popular content piece or some kind of call-to-action (e.g. subscription form to your newsletter or blog).

pinned tweet

Day 27. Add a “human face” to your business accounts in social media. Share some “behind the scenes” images from your company life, stories about your employees, founders and customers. Let people like and trust you on a personal level. Customers will connect with your brand better if they see your “human side”.

Day 28. Set up a Twitter Chat. Create a hashtag for the chat. Make it something that’s easy and fast to type.

Day 29. Find out the best times for you to post and share on different social platforms with TrueSocialMetrics Best time to post report.

Day 30. Try to post during non-peak hours. This way you’ll have less competition for followers’ attention from other businesses.

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