How Often Top Brands Tweet

There’s no silver bullet on the ideal Posting Density on Twitter. You’ll have to find your own sweet spot just like main world brands have. Some of them definitely know how to rock on social media, so you should model yourself on them in the best way possible.

Luxury brands

Luxury brands make high-quality clothes, but what about their content? Is it also classy? Let’s look at “pitiless” metrics for May’16’.

Oh, now you know the answer. Chanel is obviously an A level student among these fashion giants. With an Amplification Rate (shares per tweet) of over 697, and a 1591 Applause Rate (likes per tweet) for 29 posts, it leaves the competitors far behind.

Things actually also go well for Louis Vuitton and especially Burberry. At first it might seem that engagement is not so great considering the number of posts (63), but this brand doesn’t have that many fans. This shows how devoted its followers are.

As for the worst results, Prada is an also-ran. The least number of posts - the worst engagement. Surprisingly “balanced” result. Seems like the Devil wears Prada but doesn’t engage at all. That’s sad.

Web giants

Now lets move on to some web giants. They literally play mum here.

At first glance it’s pretty obvious that such gravitas doesn’t need to talk at all: 18-20 tweets a month prove we are right. But as we can see, followers are more easy to reach on Google than on Microsoft. Well, maybe that’s because we use Google every day.

Fast food restaurants

Time to find out if fast food lovers are also fast at liking and sharing content.

So who’s the blab here? We have 3 challengers: Starbucks (2 tweets per day), Burger King (3 tweets per day) and McDonalds (2 tweets per day). Starbucks makes big bucks and also has great engagement, really crushing it on Twitter! Videos, gifs, almost all types of media really work for the brand. And let’s not forget about their great hashtag campaigns.

The Applause and Amplification rates speak for themselves! So lets call this universal appeal a victory among the biggest fast food chatterboxes. Strange category, right?

As for all other rivals, they are not so talkative. Speech is silver, but silence is gold. That’s what Subway thinks, posting only 12 times a month. And hey, the brand is quite right, having the second highest Conversation, Amplification and Applause rates. So what’s their secret? It’s as old as Adam: Their Majesties Humor and Originality!

And what about McDonalds? It keeps things consistent, posting approximately once a day (26 posts per month). Perhaps the brand rests on its laurels and is okay with its happy medium results. But their yummy gifs will definitely make you happy. That’s a must №1 for all food brands!

Theme parks

Famous theme parks tend to post once or twice a day.

Disneyland’s monthly result is 240 posts per month, while Universal Studios makes a push with 577 tweets per month. Well, the most famous park in the world can relax a little bit. It has a Twitter audience almost 5 times greater than Universal Studios. Hurrah!


Magazines post 118 tweets per day on average. That’s what we call real chatterboxes!

Here’s the top 5 tweetaholics:

  1. Sports Illustrated (135 posts per day).
  2. Fortune (133 posts per day).
  3. People (128 posts per day).
  4. Cosmopolitan (111 posts per day).
  5. Forbes (65 posts per month).

Let’s do justice to these media sources. They need to post often to keep the world informed in time.

We know the stats. Now what?

What is all the fuss about? Why did we show all these examples? Well, to let you know that bigger number of posts doesn’t always mean better. Of course, Sports Illustrated turbed out to be the biggest chatterbox: media world calls the shots. Find your sweet spot for posting: As often as it's effective, but without compromising quality. Think how much unique info you can share with the world and start tweeting!

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