True’s Recommended List of Social Media Marketing Consultants, Firms and Agencies

Our customers often ask us if we can recommend someone who can help with social media marketing and analytics. That’s why we decided to make a list of those who can help and whom we can recommend as great specialists. This is a free list without any listing fees, payments of any kind or bribes. :) Everyone listed here is selected based on our own opinion. Which is, of course, a bit biased. We are true believers in Avinash Kaushik’s teaching and we think that a great social analyst should be careful not to rely too heavily on vanity metrics. We try to choose participants who execute actionable analytics, make a positive contribution to the web marketing field and who believe that helping their customers to succeed is the most important task.

How can I/my company get listed?

First of all, do great work! :) If you think you are a great candidate or you can recommend someone to be listed here (or unrecommend), let us know. We understand that the selection process is not totally unbiased, because we mostly noticed the folks listed here through some kind of subcontracting/partnership/shared accounts/case studies/etc. when we had a chance to evaluate their work and experience. These are great ways to evaluate someone’s competence, although a bit biased. And anyways, who gets 100% unbiased results these days? Only astronauts doing experiments in open space! :) We really hope this list will help someone even if it’s not perfect.

List of Companies:

This list is presented in random order. So find the firms that match your needs, budget or you just like them personally:

Fujo Analytics


Our Digital Strategy & Analytics services optimize all online activities (website, email, media and social) and create strategies based on actionable insights from a well thought out digital framework. We believe in a data-driven methodology in order to optimize all efforts to ensure you’re achieving success. By comprehensively understanding what your business objectives are, we can create strategies for digital success from the beginning of your initiatives and continue to refine those strategies through continually analyzing & optimizing your digital activities.

Contact: Daran Johnson; Website | Email

Types of clients:
Small businesses (0-50 employees), Mid-size businesses (51-500 employees), CPG, Ecommerce, Retailer, Healthcare (but we like everyone)

Services offered:
Digital & Data Analytics, Digital Strategy, User-Experience, Digital Optimization

Los Angeles, CA

Kami Huyse

Zoetica media

Zoetica Media is a digital marketing and public relations agency which specializes in helping community minded companies and organizations better connect with their online and offline communities. We develop digital strategies that build brand awareness and drive measurable business results. Zoetica has won a number of national awards for its work from Public Relations Society of America, International Association of Business Communicators and the Society for New Communications Research.

Contact: Kami Huyse; Website | Twitter | Twitter | Facebook | Email

Types of clients:
Small businesses (0-50 employees), Mid-size businesses (51-500 employees), Nonprofit, Association, Hospitality, Healthcare

Services offered:
Digital Strategy, Training and Implementation, Social Media Community Management, Blogging Package, Influencer Outreach, and Executive and Corporate Reputation

Houston, TX (National and Local Campaigns)



Pole Position Marketing is a leading digital marketing firm that specializes in organic and local SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, web analytics, website development, and more. The agency was established in 1998 and serves small, medium and large businesses alike, providing reliable, affordable website marketing services designed to engage customers, drive brand awareness, and win conversions. Their team of experienced SEO and web marketing professionals is dedicated to helping businesses grow through efficient, economical and ethical web presence optimization strategies.

Contact: Kathy Gray; Website | Twitter | Email

Types of clients:
B2B and B2C companies throughout the US in diverse industries, including Retail, Travel, Health Care, Manufacturing, and Higher Education.

Services offered:
Organic & Local SEO, PPC Advertising, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, Website Development, Link Building

Uniontown, OH

We Are Social

We Are Social AU

We are a global agency. We belive in the power of social insight to drive business value. We call this social thinking. We deliver world-class creative ideas with forward thinking brands. We belive in people, not platforms.

Contact: Michael Batistich; Website | Twitter | Email

Types of clients:
Enterprise (500+ employees)

Services offered:
Strategic: Media Planning & Buying, Social CRM, Innovation, Measurment & Analytics, Research & Insight, Strategy
Creative: Content, Influencer Engagement, Design, Photography & Video, Creative Technology, Editorial
Delivery: Digital Production, Project Management, Client Services

Sydney, Australia
Shanghai, China
London, United Kingdom
Paris, France
Milan, Italy
Munich, Germany
São Paulo, Brazil
New York, NY (USA)
San Francisco, CA (USA)

Kick point

Kick Point

Kick Point is a full-service digital-first marketing agency located in the thriving metropolis of Edmonton, AB (“Canada’s Manhattan!”). We’re strategy-driven, results-focused, and our mission is to help you do better.

Contact: Dana DiTomaso; Website | Twitter | Email

Types of clients:
Small, local, 1-5 location businesses, Small businesses (0-50 employees), Mid-size businesses (51-500 employees)

Services offered:
Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Web Design, Content Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Advertising (including PPC/social), etc

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Ignite Social Media

Ignite Social Media

Ignite Social Media is a full-service social media marketing agency dedicated to working with leading consumer brands. Our priority is to create mutually beneficial relationships and two-way conversations with our clients' audiences.

Contact: Ryan Sweeney; Website | Twitter

Types of clients:
Many of our clients are large consumer brands that span across various industries such as Retail, CPG, Technology, Non-Profit and more.

Services offered:
Strategic Development & Consulting, Community Management, Content Development, Paid Media, Analytics & Reporting, Social Listening, Social Program Development & Execution, Influencer Outreach

Price range:
$100,000 - $500,000 Annually

Cary, NC, USA
Birmingham, MI, USA