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Product Update

Dec 31 2017

We upgraded our infrastructure with more powerful servers. Powerful servers for True - faster reports for you :)

Dec 08 2017

Trend with changes" view added to Competitors Trend report

Dec 05 2017

Fixes in Competitor Leaderboard visualization and Competitor Audience visualization

Dec 04 2017

LinkedIn Shares are calculated more accurately now. With the latest changes in LinkedIn public API each LinkedIn post now have their own unique identifier. This change made it possible for us to track Shares of the post itself (before this update we calculated LinkedIn Shares as all appearances of your links on LinkedIn).

Nov 03 2017

We released True Templates Gallery for Google Data Studio and added new template: Cross-channel Competitive Analysis for multiple brands. Now six templates in total are available in the gallery.

Nov 02 2017

It is now possible to select only one segment at a time on Segmentation report (before the update it wasn’t possible to select less than 2 segments).

Oct 10 2017

Chrome plugin for Google Sheets export is live!

Oct 09 2017

As a part of our Loyalty Program you will now receive +1 year of history for Free each year you are with us (in addition to free bonus accounts)! Check your loyalty bonuses in Settings -> Billing page.

Oct 08 2017

'Custom Reports are now replaced by Google Data Studio templates.

Jul 13 2017

We created four Google Data Studio Templates for your True reports.

Jun 10 2017

We added text description to some reports (Metrics, Relative Metrics, All Posts) explaining the results you get. Now you can export reports to pdf with ready-made explanations.

May 11 2017

We started working on integration with Google Data Studio - export to Google Sheets option is added to some of the reports.

May 10 2017

Facebook reactions are now a part of Facebook Likes metric.

Feb 20 2017

Meet our new Plan Builder - if you need to build a custom paid plan for your needs.

Feb 20 2017

We are rolling out Pinterest for everyone.