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Date of release
Product Update

Oct 19 2016

White Label option is available now.

Jul 15 2016

We improved Content Performance report. Now you can analyze which content types work the best for you with the help of “Engagement by type”, “Activity by type” and “Ignored posts” graphs.

Jul 14 2016

Time to Post report just got better with new Normalized Engagement (divided by the Number of Posts).

May 30 2016

Cross-Channel report for Content Segmentation is available now.

May 28 2016

We released Cross-Channel report for Competitive analysis. Just a quick glance and you know which channel is a king of engagement for your rivals.

May 14 2016

Now you can export Posting Density and Engagement matrices to JPEG or PNG.

May 13 2016

Cross-Channel report is released. Now all channels can be analyzed in one visual report! One glance and you know which channel is your rock star.

Mar 01 2016

Tweets Scheduling is now available on True