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Nov 08 2018

Great news! Billing api is fixed, now invoices are available for download again in your Settings -> Billing page and all invoices will be coming to your inboxes each month after recurring payment.

Oct 23 2018

Pricing change: Starting from this month Instagram analytics isn't available in Free Trial and the paid plans under Medium (not available in Small and Small-5) anymore. Instagram will only be available in paid plans from Medium and higher. Since spring 2018 when Instagram closed their public api the costs of analyzing this social network went up, so we had no other choice than to disallow Instagram analytics in Free Trial and small paid plans. For existing clients with Small plan Instagram analytics will be still available for all Instagram accounts connected before October 2018.

Apr 09 2018

Sad news: Until April 23rd Instagram will be hidden from your reports. We are working on a fix due to recent Instagram api deprecation.

Apr 09 2018

Today we migrated to new version of Facebook API v 2.8.

Apr 02 2018

We are deprecating Posting feature. Within the next couple weeks you will not be able to schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter anymore.

Feb 26 2018

We improved the way Number of Followers metric is represented in the following four reports: Metrics, Relative Metrics, Competitive Analysis Metrics and Competitive Analysis Relative Metrics. Now the Number of Followers will be shown as the sum of the followers at end of the selected period. Prior to the change the Number of Followers was bound to the date of the last post in selected period. This wasn't really convenient for brands who posted less often. So for example, if you would have looked at your stats for the past two months and your last post was on Jan 1st, the report would have shown you the Number of Followers you had on Jan 1st. Now the report will show the Number of Followers you had at the end of the past two months, regardless of date of your last post.

Feb 07 2018

Due to issues with LinkedIn api, we had to change the way data for LinkedIn is collected - now only your own company pages may be analyzed (you should re-connect the page you have admin access to). Competitive Analysis isn’t available for LinkedIn now, unfortunately. We'll keep looking for a way to bring back Competitive Analysis.

Feb 01 2018

Invoices for recurring payments will now be sent to your mailbox monthly (or annually, depending on your subscription type).

Jan 22 2018

There's a problem on LinkedIn's end with their public api - it shows that every single post in every single page had 1 share, which is obviously incorrect. Since the problem is on their side we can't fix it ourselves, unfortunately. So we temporary had to switch back to our old calculation method for LinkedIn shares: as all appearances of your links on LinkedIn.

Jan 03 2018

A little improvement for Posting Density and Engagement matrices. We added a reference line to the matrices: everything above the line is great results, everything below the line is not so great compared to your competitors. Much easier to analyze now.

Jan 03 2018

From now on, every 5th day of the month automatic monthly email reports will be sent to your inbox.

Dec 31 2017

We upgraded our infrastructure with more powerful servers. Powerful servers for True - faster reports for you :)

Dec 08 2017

Trend with changes" view added to Competitors Trend report

Dec 05 2017

Fixes in Competitor Leaderboard visualization and Competitor Audience visualization

Dec 04 2017

LinkedIn Shares are calculated more accurately now. With the latest changes in LinkedIn public API each LinkedIn post now have their own unique identifier. This change made it possible for us to track Shares of the post itself (before this update we calculated LinkedIn Shares as all appearances of your links on LinkedIn).

Nov 03 2017

We released True Templates Gallery for Google Data Studio and added new template: Cross-channel Competitive Analysis for multiple brands. Now six templates in total are available in the gallery.

Nov 02 2017

It is now possible to select only one segment at a time on Segmentation report (before the update it wasn’t possible to select less than 2 segments).

Oct 10 2017

Chrome plugin for Google Sheets export is live!

Oct 09 2017

As a part of our Loyalty Program you will now receive +1 year of history for Free each year you are with us (in addition to free bonus accounts)! Check your loyalty bonuses in Settings -> Billing page.

Oct 08 2017

'Custom Reports are now replaced by Google Data Studio templates.

Jul 13 2017

We created four Google Data Studio Templates for your True reports.

Jun 10 2017

We added text description to some reports (Metrics, Relative Metrics, All Posts) explaining the results you get. Now you can export reports to pdf with ready-made explanations.

May 11 2017

We started working on integration with Google Data Studio - export to Google Sheets option is added to some of the reports.

May 10 2017

Facebook reactions are now a part of Facebook Likes metric.

Feb 20 2017

Meet our new Plan Builder - if you need to build a custom paid plan for your needs.

Feb 20 2017

We are rolling out Pinterest for everyone.

Oct 19 2016

White Label option is available now.

Jul 15 2016

We improved Content Performance report. Now you can analyze which content types work the best for you with the help of “Engagement by type”, “Activity by type” and “Ignored posts” graphs.

Jul 14 2016

Time to Post report just got better with new Normalized Engagement (divided by the Number of Posts).

May 30 2016

Cross-Channel report for Content Segmentation is available now.

May 28 2016

We released Cross-Channel report for Competitive analysis. Just a quick glance and you know which channel is a king of engagement for your rivals.

May 14 2016

Now you can export Posting Density and Engagement matrices to JPEG or PNG.

May 13 2016

Cross-Channel report is released. Now all channels can be analyzed in one visual report! One glance and you know which channel is your rock star.

Mar 01 2016

Tweets Scheduling is now available on True