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Michael Batistich Michael Batistich, Head of insights and analytics
We Are Social

"True Social Metrics are an indispensable tool for helping We Are Social measure what matters. We use TSM because it provides a set of simple yet powerful metrics across almost all social channels, it is simple to use, it provides easy data exports for dashboarding and is the best value tool on the market. To top it all off the team at TSM provide a high level of service, making frequent updates to the platform meet our changing needs."

Jonathan Ray Jonathan С. Ray, Director of Analytics
Access Intelligence

"Access Intelligence is a B2B media company with over 30 brands serving aerospace, defense, marketing, media, energy and healthcare markets. Our analytics team supports business intelligence initiatives for the entire organization.
Each month my team delivers a social media report to the entire organization, highlighting social performance by network for each brand, including reach and engagement metrics. Before True Social Metrics it was nearly impossible for our small analytics team to aggregate social performance data on the 100+ social accounts we manage. True Social Metrics’ Tableau integration feature has enabled us to pass all of this data into a pre-built corporate dashboard in Tableau to report to internal business leaders with minimal effort. True Social Metrics provides greater efficiency, allowing us to spend more time analyzing the data and less time collecting it. It’s an invaluable tool for measuring the effectiveness of our social communication."

Beth Wilson Beth Wilson, PR manager

"We are always looking for the best and most effective way to manage and report on our clients’ social media metrics. TrueSocialMetrics provides us with a way to do just that, allowing us to view detailed reports with actionable metrics. Looking forward to a long partnership and seeing what you come out with next!"

Lauren Monitz A Peek Inside a Social Media Marketer’s Toolbox: The Best Free Apps You Didn’t Know Exist,
by Lauren Monitz, February 26, 2014

"True Social Metrics, a truly genius algorithm that measures the metrics that really matter to calculate the economic value of a Facebook fan, tweet, and a myriad of other channel-specific social metrics to determine which communities really matter to the business and which are most worthwhile to spend your time focused on."

Jeni Hill New Ways To Look At Social Media Data Using True Social Metrics,
by Jeni Hill, May 28, 2014

"The tool True Social Metrics was created with engagement in mind. While it offers the user a convenient dashboard for standard social media metrics such as number of followers, likes, posts and comments for a variety of social platforms, True Social takes things a step farther by integrating the advice of Avinash Kaushik and also measures conversation, amplification, applause and economic value."

Jen Lopez Social Engagement Metrics That Matter - Measuring, Tracking, and Reporting FTW,
by Jen Lopez, Feb 13, 2014

"... the very smart folks over at TrueSocialMetrics have made it super easy on all of us by essentially creating the tool that Avinash pleaded for in his initial post. (Also, bravo on seeing a need and making it happen!) As I mentioned previously, you could go about grabbing these numbers on your own and calculating them by hand… but why in the world would you do that when TrueSocialMetrics has already done all the work for you?"

Fidel Navamuel True Social Metrics. Mesure la presence sur les reseaux sociaux,
by Fidel Navamuel, May 19, 2014

"True Social Metrics est un outil de veille puissant, simple à mettre en oeuvre qui m’a surpris par la quantité d’informations utiles qu’il est capable de générer. Une très bonne surprise."

Li Lin 5. Free Facebook Analytics Tools for Business,
by Li Lin, Oct 10, 2012

"If I only had to choose one Social Media Analytics tool, it would be True Social Metrics. It comes with a whole slew of sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus. It’s a very simple to use tool with an easy to use table interface that measures things that you can improve: conversation rate (comments per post), amplification rate (re-tweets per post), applause rate (favorites per post), and economic value (value per visitor)."

by Angel Buendia, Apr 30, 2013

"Por otro lado, medir esto en conjunto no es nada sencillo. Pero hay una herramienta que puede ayudar muchísimo para estos reportes y análisis. Se llama TrueSocialMetrics y tiene una opción gratuita que da bastante idea de todo esto y tiene la gigantesca ventaja de que puede monitorear gran variedad de cuentas. Es ideal para empezar a trabajar con estas métricas. Lo he estado probando y estoy bastante contento con los resultados."

Franck Scandolera Evaluation de votre stratégie médias sociaux,
by Franck Scandolera, Sep 3, 2013

"Pour conclure, je reviens sur l’outil True Social Metrics qui me semble être le parfait compagnon pour mesurer le ROI de n’importe qu’elle stratégie médias sociaux. Il est complet, puissant de plus il est basé sur les métriques de Avinash Kaushik y compris la valeur économique, indispensable pour mesurer l’impact réel des médias sociaux sur les résultats de l’entreprise."

Moveo Team Our Four Favorite Free Social Media Tools for B2B Companies,
by Moveo Team, Jun 20, 2013

"Why it’s useful: True Social Metrics solves the problem that marketers have had with proving the ROI of social media. It pulls only the data that clearly shows how your social interactions are contributing to the health and growth of your brand."

Marcela De Vivo How To Build a Content Strategy Using a Social Media Audit,
by Marcela De Vivo, Apr 17, 2014

"An inexpensive and powerful tool for social audits is TrueSocialMetrics.To do a social audit, you’ll need to sign up for a small or medium account. A small account will allow you to track your site plus two competitors; with the medium account, you can track your site and up to nine competitors."


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