Here's the tool all social marketers should be using to measure their success: - awesome @2etag
Truesocialmetrics makes Klout look like a joke ‪#thinkperformance
Good holy hotness. Just got on to check out @avinash's reco TrueSocialMetrics. What a fabulous product. Can't wait to start! @2etag perfect tool for free #socialmedia measurement thnx @avinash @ #DD14 #besocialorquit
Obsessed with @truesocialmetrics. Measure engagement for all your social media accounts, one dashboard, and more:
I like!!! Pretty cool metric/analytic website: by @2etag - Loving this tool for tracking true engagement with your social media profiles.
Testing what a great tool!!! Thx a lot @avinash #bewizard
Great ideas for measuring your ‪#socialmedia‬ and a tool that does it for you free! - find out exactly where you should be investing in social. BOOM BOOM BOOM! @avinash ‪#OMGGoogle
un ottimo strumento per misurare ROI dei Social Media
Great analytics tool as per Barbara Pezzi: to measure key social metrics. Inexpensive and thorough. #tdseurope
un ottimo strumento di analisi #bewizard - jävligt bra verktyg för att mäta Social media med rätt KPI:er! #socialmedia
@2etag Your tool really rocks! I've been using it for the last hour and still puking rainbows. Thanks for making it!
The True social Metrics : à essayer surtout que gratuit et vraiment intéressant !!!...
@2etag really cool what you're doing with TrueSocialMetrics! Congrats and thanks for sharing
@2etag I really love what you're doing with Great ‪#Social‬ ‪#Measure‬ tool. Thank you! ‪#CRO‬ ‪#UX
A tool that helps you determine which meaningful (to you AND your CEO) #socialmedia metrics to track. @2etagO‬ ‪#UX
Handy social dashboard that monitors economic valie: #SESSF Thanks for sharing @avinash
More Data..Love it!!! - Track your Social Media with - #social #media #metrics
Run your Facebook Insights through this tool to get metrics that matter:
For ADDICTED SOCIAL METRICS, give a look @ True Social Metrics It´s a must have and use lot.
Not the only social measurement you should do, but @2etag's Conversation, Amplification, & Applause Rates are great engagement indicators
this @2etag Tool is so simple and cool to analyze the #Conversation or Amplification Rate on Paid #Advertising
great tool to measure #social media metrics, #facebook, #twitter etc
Now this is a simple, effective, useful social stats tool-
Handy tool to measure social: Conversation, Amplification, Applause, Economic Value #seschi
Meet het succes van je social media accounts met 4 metrics van Avinash Kaushik via
interesante herramienta para medir rápidamente las interacciones en #SocialMedia CC...
The social media critical few: Conversation Rate. Amplification Rate. Applause Rate. Economic Value. Check this out:
Thank you so much for making #TrueSocialMetrics possible @2etag You rock!
Calcular y mejorar el impacto económico que el marketing en las redes sociales tiene sobre su negocio: